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Extra partner leave

27 February 2018

Minister Wouter Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment presented the WIEG (Extra Birth Leave Law). This legislative proposal describes that from next year the partner of a new mother will get five days' paid leave after the birth of their child. The five days' paid leave can be taken directly after the child is born, but also for instance when the maternity assistance leaves - as long as the leave is taken in the first four weeks after delivery.

Already one week partner leave

If your partner has given birth, at Leiden University you are already entitled to one week leave: two days paid paternity leave and an additional three days of partner leave. Partner leave at the University is on full pay. Furthermore, these three days are not deducted from your parental leave.

Five weeks extra leave

In addition to the five days' paid birth leave, partners can also take five weeks of leave in the first six months of their child's life at 70 percent pay. Adoption and foster care leave is also extended in the new law, from four weeks to six weeks.

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