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New staff website

5 April 2017

The new staff website will go live on 6 April. This means that, as a member of staff, you will have access within a single environment to information from your own department or unit as well as information from the University as a whole. The staff website offers you information tailored to your needs about:

  • P&O
  • Finance and purchasing
  • IT
  • Buildings and facilities
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Communication and marketing
  • Administration and organisation

On the home page of the new website (staff.universiteitleiden.nl) you will find announcements, news and events, and links to frequently used information systems, such as Self Service and Blackboard.

Screenshot Staff website

Individually tailored information

To be able to display information relevant for your work environment, you have to log in with your staff account. If you are visiting the staff website from your University  work place, you will be logged in automatically. In other cases – for example at home, on a tablet or mobile phone – you can log in manually. If you have more than one employment appointment, you will see the information based on your first appointment. You always have the possibility of selecting a different part of the organisation manually. 

Protected information

The staff website is also accessible for external visitors. There is a small part of the information that we do not wish to share with the outside world. In that case a protected page will be used, recognizable by an icon with a lock. These pages are only visible when logged in as a member of staff. 

Organisation guide

The staff website is structured thematically, so you do not need to find out where you need to go to if you have a particular question. 
If you are looking for some specific information about the University organisation, it’s easiest to use the Organisation guide. This guide gives you information on the various secretariats, support departments, staff lists by department, participation bodies and University regulations.   

What else is new?

  • An integrated website: information from supporting departments, faculties and institutes will all be available on one website for all staff.
  • A demand-driven structure and navigation: the information needs of staff are the starting point, rather than the structure of the organisation.
  • Improved search function: information is much easier to find as it is no longer fragmented and spread over several different websites.
  • New design: the staff website has been given a more contemporary appearance.
  • Compatible with all screen formats: the website adapts automatically to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Dual language: information is available in Dutch and English, and all pages have a button that will take you to the English version of the page.

Complex and extensive project

This release of the new staff website is a complex and extensive project. When such a site goes live, it is almost inevitable that there will be teething problems, and information that is missing or not completely as it should be may well come to light. There is extra technical and editorial capacity available in the coming weeks so that any issues can be dealt with promptly. 
Some sections are not yet available in English. The information in English is expected to be completed by the end of May.

More information

The renewal of the staff website is part of DIS2.0 Programme (‘Digital information strategy’). In earlier phases of this project the website for external visitors, the student website and the library website have been completely renewed. 

If you have any questions about the new staff website, please send an email to: medewerkersportal@leidenuniv.nl or contact the editor in chief of your faculty or department.

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