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New database in the library: online bibliography Atlantic History

24 July 2017

The library now provides access to the Oxford Online Bibliography in the field of Atlantic History.

This subject-specific resource contains both an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia. Its content focuses on the interactions between different peoples and cultures on four continents and many islands in the period between Columbus’ voyages to the New World in the late fifteenth century and the end of slavery in the Americas in the late nineteenth century. Its principal theme is the movement of peoples, ideas and things in the Atlantic World – a world encompassing the continents of Africa, Europe, North America and South America and many islands, from the Canary Islands near Africa to the Caribbean islands and to Bermuda in the North Atlantic.

Users already had access to several other collections from the Oxford Online Bibliographies, such as Art History, Buddhism, Chinese Studies, Classics, Hinduism, Islamic Studies, Medieval Studies & Renaissance and Reformation.


Students and staff at Leiden University have access outside the campus network by using their ULCN login data via: Catalogue Leiden University > tab Find databases > Oxford Bibliographies Online Atlantic History.

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