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Calling all staff with a bicultural and international background: a university network?

1 September 2017

The Diversity Office is keen to enter into discussion with staffmembers with a bicultural and international background about the diversity policy at our university. What do the core values of diversity and inclusiveness mean to you? What knowledge and experiences do you have that could be relevant in creating a truly inclusive working environment?

Join our discussion!

The Diversity Office invites all staff with a bicultural and international background to join us in a meeting at which we discuss these issues. We would also like to know who would be willing to take the initiative in setting up a university wide network. Please register for this meeting via the Diversity Office. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 6 December from 15.00 - 17.00 in Plexus Student Centre.

University network

The Diversity Office wants the voices of everyone at our university to be heard. That is why we support the setting up of networks as a place to exchange experiences with people in a similar position. And, where appropriate, to act as a discussion partner, lobbyist or adviser.  

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