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Zorg en Zekerheid healthcare premiums for 2018

13 November 2017

If you wish, you can take part in the collectivhealthcare insurance offered by Leiden University and Zorg en Zekerheid. The new premium for this insurance for 2018 has now been announced. 

Zorg Zeker Policy for 2018

The premium for the Zorg Zeker Policy for 2018 is € 103.45 per month. This sum takes into account the collective discount.  In 2018 staff of the University are given a 10% discount on the basic insurance and 15% discount on the supplementary insurances. These discounts also apply to family members. 

Slight reduction in premiums

The Zorg en Zekerheid premiums for the basic insurance show a slight decline, which is due to a lower increase in the costs of care than predicted. A further factor is that Zorg en Zekerheid are using some of their reserves to keep the premium as low as possible. 

You can find more information on the health insurance webpage.

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