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Finding your way around the new university website

30 January 2018

How can you, as a member of staff, find your way around the new university website? Since 1 January 2018 Leiden University has had a completely new website. Here are a few tips about how to find what you’re looking for more quickly.

Start at the right website

The structure of the new website is based on the possible search questions asked by visitors. As internal visitors (staff and students) often need different information from external visitors, a separate website has been constructed for each target group. The result is that we have five websites, each of which is available in Dutch and English:

  • www.universiteitleiden.nl/en: the public website is aimed at external visitors, including prospective students, alumni and journalists.
  • www.student.universiteitleiden.nl/en: the student website contains information for students that is both university wide and programme specific, such as information on study programmes, timetables and study supervision.
  • www.staff.universiteitleiden.nl: the staff website contains internal announcements and information for staff relating to personnel matters, facilities and teaching and research support.
  • www.organisatiegids.universiteitleiden/en: the organisation guide is intended both for internal and external visitors and contains organisational information on such matters as service units, student and employee participation and regulations.
  • www.library.universiteitleiden.nl: the library website contains information for internal and external users of the library and provides access to the catalogue and other library systems.

So, if you are a member of staff looking for internal information, don’t use the university or faculty homepage as your starting point; you can better begin your search at the staff website.

Log in to see customised information

The staff website is largely open to the public, but as an employee you can log in with your ULCN account to gain access to all the information on the site, including protected pages and relevant announcements, news and events. You also have access to additional information specific to your faculty or department where applicable. If you have more than one appointment, you will automatically see the information relevant to your first appointment although you can always choose a different part of the organisation manually.

Use the search function within the staff website

Many of the topics on the staff site can be found via the themed menu (top left), with such headings as P&O, Finance & Procurement, Buildings & Facilities. Of course, the website also has a search function. If you are looking for internal information, it is important that you use the search field on the staff website. Bear in mind that in the new structure, each of the five websites mentioned above has a separate search function. Searching for internal topics via the university homepage will generally not bear fruit! 

Unfortunately, some topics are currently still difficult to find, even when you start your search from the staff website. This is due to technical limitations and can only be resolved with a completely new search function. This is expected to be operational at the start of April.

Search for people by given or family name

Each member of staff has a ‘profile page’ on the website, showing their work address, telephone number and email address. If you want to find the contact details of a colleague, you can use the search function on any of the five websites. You can search by given name or family name. In most cases you will then come to an overview page showing a maximum of three people. You can click on the link (‘all results’) below this overview to see all the members of staff that correspond with your search term.

Continuing improvement

Over the past few years all elements of the website - content, structure, layout and technical aspects - have been updated stage by stage. The content of some 70 old websites has been cleaned up and transferred to the new website. Although this renovation project has now drawn to a close, a website is never ‘finished’. Texts on the website are added to or improved when an where necessary. The technical team at ISSC is working on further developing the underlying systems, and a new search function will be installed in the coming months.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the staff website, mail your query to medewerkersportal@leidenuniv.nl or contact the senior web editor at your faculty or department.

Homepage of the staff website.
Homepage of the staff website
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