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ABP Pension Fund extends Anw-compensation until 1 May 2018

26 January 2018

Earlier this week you were informed that the Algemene Nabestaanden Wet (Anw)-compensation will expire on 1 February 2018. However, ABP Pension Fund has decided to extend the current Anw-compensation until 1 May 2018. ABP has taken this decision at the request of employers' organisations and unions. This means that you are entitled to the Anw-compensation according to the old conditions until 1 May. 

What is the Anw-compensation?

If you die, your partner may be entitled to a benefit from the government. This is regulated via the National Survivor Benefits Act (Anw). In some situations, ABP will supplement the survivor's pension when they don't receive or only partially receive the Anw-benefit. This is called the Anw-compensation.

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