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Update your LU-Card before 23 March - new deadline

23 February 2018

The university continuously works to provide the best security of your LU-Card. It is therefore necessary to update the chip in your LU-Card. You must arrange this yourself before 23 March 2018. If you are unable to update your card in time, there is a risk of your card being blocked. The card will no longer be valid. You will have to request a new card and costs may be associated with this.


You can update your LU-Card by placing it on an updater. After the updater beeps you can remove your card. You need to put your LU-card on the updater once, but there are no consequences if you put your LU-Card on an updater several times.

Not having occasion to update

Are you not able to update your LU-Card, for instance because you are abroad? Please send an e-mail to the ISSC-helpdesk.

The updaters are indicated with the LU-Card Logo


There is an updater at each desk in the list below. The updaters are indicated with the LU-Card Logo. Please notice that this is not the same updater that you use to renew your subscription for parking garages.

Front desks Address
Anna van Bueren front desk Anna van Buerenplein 301, Den Haag
Schouwburgstraat front desk Schouwburgstraat 2, Den Haag
Wijnhaven front desk Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag
Wijnhaven service desk Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag

Wijnhaven library

Turfmarkt 99, Den Haag

Gorlaeus building

Einsteinweg 55, Leiden

Huygens receptie

Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden

Snellius front desk

Niels Bohrweg 1, Leiden

Van Steenis front desk

Einsteinweg 2, Leiden

Sylvius front desk

Sylviusweg 72, Leiden

KOG front desk

Steenschuur 25, Leiden

KOG library

Steenschuur 25, Leiden

Plexus front desk

Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden

Oude UB front desk

Rapenburg 70, Leiden

Sterrenwacht front desk

Sterrenwachtlaan 11, Leiden

Gravensteen front desk

Pieterskerkhof 6, Leiden

Lipsius front desk

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden

Lipsius service desk

Cleveringaplaats 1, Leiden

UB Front desk & LU-Card desk

Witte Singel 27, Leiden

UB information desk

Witte Singel 27, Leiden

LUMC library

Albinusdreef 2, Leiden

Pieter de la Court front desk

Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden

Pieter de la Court service desk

Wassenaarseweg 52, Leiden

Willem Einthoven (room B.1.09)

Kolffpad 1, Leiden

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