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Create an ORCID iD for online linking of publications

2 February 2018

A growing number of publishers and funders are making it compulsory for authors to make use of ORCID iDs. With a personal ORCID iD, you can always connect your name to all your research output. This makes it much easier to create a clear overview of all your scientific publications, as well as your data sets or posters. ORCID can also simplify the process of applying for grants. Create your own ORCID iD is easy.

Create your own ORCID

Creating an ORCID iD takes less than a minute.

The University Library has also set up a connection between ORCID and the LUCRIS research information system. You can activate this connection by logging into LUCRIS and entering your ORCID iD in your research profile under the header Researcher Identifiers.

What is ORCID?

ORCID is a non-profit organisation aimed at better identifying and connecting all those who are active in research. The system is based on the ORCID identifier (ORCID iD). An ORCID iD is a unique identification code that allows you as an academic to be identified in a reliable and consistent manner, similar to the Citizen Service Number included in Dutch passports.

If you provide your ORCID iD when submitting a new publication, your work can always be linked to you correctly. As well as journal articles, the ORCID iD can be also associated with data sets, teaching materials, presentations, and posters. More than 2.2 million researchers worldwide have already requested an ORCID iD.

What are the advantages?

Having an ORCID presents the following advantages:

  • Using ORCID facilitates the exchange of information on your publications between databases, across academic disciplines and international borders.
  • When publications are linked to an ORCID iD, this strongly improves their findability and their visibility in bibliographic databases. This way, it becomes much easier to create a complete and clear overview of your research output.
  • ORCID can also help you to save time when submitting a manuscript or grant proposal, as the websites of organisations that support ORCID can automatically fill out the forms with your information after you log in. A growing number of publishers and funders are making it compulsory for authors to make use of ORCID iDs.  
  • By linking the ORCID iD to other services such as LUCRIS, Scopus Author ID, Researcher ID, or Impact Story, these profiles can all be kept up to date simultaneously.

ORCID is not linked to one university in particular, and you can easily take all the information with if you accept a position at a different university. You also have complete control over the visibility settings of your information. You are free to specify which information can be publically available and which information should remain private.

Help and more information

Further information on ORCID is available on the UBL website. For current information, and discussions of the advantages and disadvantages, you can consult The Connected Leiden Researcher. If you have any questions about ORCID, please direct them to the Centre for Digital Scholarship.


Watch the video below (approximately 4 minutes) for a short introduction on ORCID:

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