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Arrange guest access to eduroam wifi yourself

8 February 2018

From now on you can temporarily arrange access to the eduroam Wi-Fi network for your guests or visitors via eVA (Eduroam Visitor Access). All you need is your ULCN account.

How does it work?

  • Go to eva.eduroam.nl  
  • Login with your ULCN-account
  • Click on 'create visitor'
  • Fill in the details and click 'send'

Your visitor will be notified via e-mail and / or SMS that a temporary account has been created. You can give access to up to 3 guests at a time per month. The access is valid for 5 days. You can decide for yourself which 5 days your visitor should have access. After 5 days, the temporary account will automatically expire.


All accounts that are created, are registered. In case of misuse, the guest account will be disabled by the security officer.

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