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Improve your research skills with these courses

27 February 2018

The university offers PhD candidates and other academics the opportunity to follow courses aimed at developing both personal skills and research skills. Throughout the year, courses are provided in the areas of personal development, research and teaching skills, and language courses.  

Upcoming courses

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  1. Writing for a wider public for PhD's
    Start date: 9 March or 3 April

    As a scientist, you write texts for a wide audience: scientific texts, news articles, research proposals or other non-scientific texts. With the Writing for a wider public course, you will learn how to improve your English writing skills.
  2. Writing an excellent grant proposal
    Start date: 9 March
    It is essential for researchers to be able to obtain independent research funding in order to advance in their career. This training course will provide you with both the tools and the opportunity to practice with writing or improving your own research proposal for an individual grant.
  3. Personal effectiveness for academics
    Start date: 6 April
    Do you achieve what you want to achieve? Everyday life can cause us to lose focus on our ambitions. A different mindset can bring about change. Take a critical look at your autopilot. The right strategy will help you create room to achieve your ambitions. This course is part of the Personal Leadership for Academics Programme.

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