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LUC The Hague: Accreditation

5 February 2018

Message from the Programme Board

In 2018 LUC will apply for the renewal of the accreditation of its Liberal Arts and Sciences programme. Without accreditation LUC cannot issue diplomas and will not receive government support for its programme. The accreditation consists of two main elements: a critical self-evaluation report and a one day site visit. The first is now being written, with input from the Programme Council, College Council and Academic Staff. The document will also include a Student Chapter which is being written by the student members of the councils and the Fortuna Board under coordination of Anne Geschke, the student-member of the Programme Board. As the format is free, they are hoping to include videos or interviews with students. Please help out if you are asked to participate! The final version of the self-evaluation report will be send to the Faculty this week.

During the site-visit a panel of experts, including a student, will visit LUC and talk to a variety of delegations to assess our programme. The self-evaluation report will serve as a basis for these discussions. The specific date for the site-visit is not yet known, but the aim is week 6 of block 4. As soon as a date is known, this will be communicated. We are looking forward to showing the panel what LUC has to offer and also to hearing their feedback on how we can further improve!

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