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Revised PhD Regulation

8 February 2018

The PhD Regulation has been expanded with effect from 8 February 2018 and now includes two new possibilities:

  • Senior lecturers (UHDs) have ius promovendi: they are entitled to act as PhD supervisors. They can request permission for this from the Doctorate Board via their dean. The rule on this policy can be found in appendix 10 of the PhD Regulation.
  • The regulation includes the option of concluding a joint PhD agreement with other universities. This means that a candidate obtains his or her PhD at two universities and receives one diploma bearing two seals. This option is set out in article 2, paragraph 3.

The PhD Regulation is determined by the Doctorate Board. The regulation states who may defend his or her dissertation, what the tasks of the supervisors and co-supervisors are and the criteria that the dissertation has to meet.

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