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Give your opinion in the personnel monitor and PhD candidate monitor

23 March 2018

Are you able to balance your work and private life? Do you find your work sufficiently challenging (or too challenging)? And is Leiden University a pleasant and safe place for you to work? We ask for your opinion via the personnel monitor. We use the survey results to take action and improve your job satisfaction.

Available on 3 April

On April 3 you will receive an email that will include a link to the survey. The survey is a short and to-the-point questionnaire that will take you around 15 minutes to complete. PhD candidates are asked to answer specific questions regarding their PhD project.

Your opinion matters

The Executive Board is very interested in hearing your opinion of working at Leiden University. Your opinion is important, so we can do things differently or remove any unnecessary obstacles. Not only that, it is good to know what you are and are not happy with. 

Complete anonymity guaranteed

Your anonymity is 100% guaranteed. The independent research agency Effectory reports the results per unit and never by individual. The lower limit for a unit is 20 people, at least 10 of which must have responded. These limits ensure that responses cannot be traced.

Personnel monitor and PhD candidate monitor 2018

More information about the questions and the processing of the results can be found on the page about the personnel monitor.

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