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#MeToo: how to prevent intimidation and abuse of power

24 April 2018

How to prevent intimidation and abuse of power in academia? That is the theme of the 2018 Spring Symposium of the Landelijk Netwerk van Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren (LNVH). Scientist or policy maker, board member or support staff, LNVH cordially invites you on May 25, 2018. Keynote speakers are Oscar David, Claartje Vinkenburg en Scott Solder.

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Challenging poor behaviour in academia

Power, abuse of power, harassment, and misconduct in academia. A theme that deserves attention, but is often dismissed as non-urgent, non-existent and therefore: non-important. Contributing to the taboo character of the subject, is that people simply do not dare to share their experiences for fear of consequences (or worse: lack of consequences).

#MeToo: sustainable solutions 

Recently however, the discussion about abuse of power in academia has certainly kicked off: in the fall of 2017, ScienceGuide published an article series on harassment. LNVH contributed to the series, because we wish to underline that this is not a 'new issue that has 'suddenly' come up. We think it is important to, beyond the hype, focus on substainable attention for the theme and most of all: ways of preventing and dealing with abuse of power.


Oscar David will get you up-to-date about mechanisms and structures of power and abuse of power. Claartje Vinkenburg has collected various individual and institutional strategies to reduce sex-based harassment and to improve work-place cultures. In an 'active bystander training', Scott Solder discusses tools to deal with poor behaviour in your own work environment.

In the second half of the afternoon we let actors play out cases of poor behaviour, misconduct and harassment. Together with the audience, an expert panel discusses logical courses of action and how to tackle and prevent these situations.

You will find more information in the (preliminary) programme.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@lnvh.nl.


Of course, the symposium will offer ample time and opportunity to share your own views, opinions, and experiences. Please note that we are committed to providing a safe environment for everyone, in which confidentiality is guaranteed. A counsellor will be present at the event location, should you be in need of further support.

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