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Cyber criminality: recognise and report phishing

4 April 2018

It probably may have happened to you: you receive a weird e-mail or phone in which you are asked to provide personal data. Leiden University is a frequent target of phishing attacks.

Cyber criminals try to steal information of Leiden University and its researchers, and sell this information or use it for their own benefit. They try to obtain your log-in details by pretending to be the ISSC, FSSC, the University Library - or even your supervisor. The cyber criminals use these details to copy or download documents, data or publications to their computers.


How to protect yourself from phishing:

  • Do you question the authenticity of a University e-mail? Use to University website to go to the service and do not follow the e-mail link.
  • Do not log in at the request of an e-mail or telephone call.
  • Report (possible) phishing and cyber criminality at the ISSC Helpdesk (tel. 8888). Forward (possible) phishing mails

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