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Introducing the coffee card system at Archaeology

24 May 2018

From Monday June 4th, all coffee machines for staff will only work after check-in with an electronic card. The reasoning behind this is to prevent non-staff persons to use the apparati on the costs of the Faculty. For staff, the coffee machines will continue to dispense coffee and tea for free.

Collecting your card

The coffee cards are provided to all staff members with permanent appointments or temporary appointments up to a year. You may collect your card at the secretary’s office of your department.

  • For World Archaeology and the Faculty Bureau: Josephine Say (please get your card this week)
  • For Nexus 1492 and Archaeology of the Americas: Ilone de Vries
  • For Archaeological Sciences and Archaeological Heritage and Society: Yvonne Haring

Staff members appointed for a shorter period than a year as well as visiting staff may collect a card at the Secretary’s Office as well. However, you will be asked for a deposit of €25. This is to be refunded after handing in the card when leaving.

Please make sure you do not lose your card. A replacement will cost €25.

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