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Your coffee cup wants to be used more than once

11 May 2018

‘Re-use me’. Soon this will be written on our coffee cups. With this new design, the university is asking its students and staff to remember to use their cup more than once.

Reduce waste

Every year, we throw away a large number of the cups dispensed by the university’s coffee machines. By reusing each cup at least once, we will be able to collectively realise an enormous reduction in the amount of waste we produce. Last year, paper cups were introduced to all our coffee machines and they are perfectly suited to be used for more than one cup of coffee or tea. The cups’ new design, i.e. the ‘Re-use me’ print, is aimed at reminding students and staff of this fact.

Once you’re ready for a new cup, you can throw away your old one in the black waste containers, which are intended for coffee cups.

How to reuse your cup in the machines

The procedure to reuse your cup is the same as the one you would follow if you were using your own cup in the coffee machines. Be sure to always use a cup with a white or lightly-coloured interior, so that the machine’s sensor will recognise it. Place the cup on the platform and wait until the cup icon at the top of the screen turns blue. A blue icon indicates that the machine has recognised your cup and that it will not issue a new one.

No coffee and tea in sinks or toilet

Please do not empty cups of coffee or tea in the sinks or toilets. Coffee and tea leaves stains behind, which can only be removed chemically.

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