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Results of the personnel monitor and PhD candidates monitor 2018

19 June 2018

The results of the personnel monitor and PhD candidates monitor 2018 are now available online. All members of staff will receive an e-mail containing a link to the results. A user-friendly dashboard will display the results of the university as a whole and those of each employee’s own unit, together with an explanation of the positive points and areas of concern. Employees are also invited to take advantage of the tips associated with specific topics.


57.1% of university employees completed the Staff Survey in April. The results show that, in general, employees are satisfied, enthusiastic and vital, and that they value the opportunities for autonomy within the University.

Pressure of work

In general, Leiden scores the same as or better than other Dutch universities in a number of sections. Certain areas, including social safety and pressure of work, still need more attention university-wide.

The surveys have also raised some areas of concern for specific sections of the organisation.

PhD candidates

The PhD candidates monitor was completed by 33.1% of all PhD candidates. It shows that, overall, PhD candidates are satisfied with their supervision, their interaction with colleagues and their own personal development. One area of concern relates to PhD candidates’ lukewarm satisfaction with training courses; participants used the open questions to indicate the kind of training they need.

More information

You can view the results on the website (Dutch only), together with the independent management report from the research agency Effectory, which conducted the surveys.

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