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Waste separation information boards updated

11 June 2018

A third of the member of the Leiden University Panel thought the information boards at the waste bins were unclear. The University has now responded to this with a design containing less text yet more information.

In the survey in April, members of the Leiden University Panel were asked their opinion on the waste separation station information boards. Common feedback was ‘too much text’ (or reading) and ‘Not specifying what can in fact go in’. With this and other feedback, the University set to work on producing these new boards.

The new boards retain the colour determined by the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat) for each waste stream, and are modern and muted. Each stream is given a short, yet effective name. Along with this heading, the icons show at a glance what is indeed welcome in the bin. If still in doubt, you can dispose of your waste in the residual waste. This is because if you ‘contaminate’ the stream, this will be rejected by the waste processor and unfortunately be incinerated.

The University is very interested in your opinion on the new information boards. Register for the Leiden University Panel and take part in the panel being sent out in September and October. 

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