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Waste bins removed from office rooms

9 July 2018

Hundreds of new waste separation bins were installed in all University buildings last week. This week it is time for the next step: waste bins out of the offices.

More waste separation

To make waste separation a success, waste bins are being removed from employees’ offices this week. Pilots revealed that employees are heavily inclined not to separate their waste if they can dispose of it in one bin next to or behind them. Since there are now waste separation bins a short walk away from each office, the bins in the offices are unnecessary. The pilots also reveal that employees soon get used to the change.


Biodegradable, food waste and various types of paper and cardboard will be recycled, just like construction and demolition waste, large domestic appliances or measuring and monitoring instruments. For now plastic metal and drink packaging are only presented for recycling. Anything else remaining in residual waste will be further examined.

Why are waste bins being removed from the rooms?

Prevention is better than recycling. By removing waste bins from the offices, we save 226,750 bin bags every year. In other words, we prevent the use of 780 kilos of plastic. Furthermore, this gives us a better grasp of the composition of the waste flow at the university.

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