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Copyright rules for Blackboard

2 August 2018

Please note that if you are considering using text extracts, images and other content in a course on Blackboard there is a strong likelihood that this is covered by Copyright Law. In case of copyright infringement, the Faculty of Archaeology is financially responsible. 

Linking is allowed

Linking to articles, books, or book chapters is always allowed, provided that these are legally obtainable. Is the publication available in Leiden University’s Digital Library? Then create a link

We would strongly suggest to make use of copyright-free resources only. Placing links to freely accessible external sources is always preferred over pasting texts or uploading articles or chapters in Blackboard.

Read more on copyright for lecturers on the website of the Leiden University Library.


In September we will organise a presentation in which the university's copyright expert Damiaan van Eeten will give you tips and tricks on how to prevent copyright claims on your Blackboard courses.

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