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Update operation personal profile pages

3 August 2018

Over the summer, the Faculty's department of Communications has examined all the personal profile webpages of the academic staff. The university profile is basically your business card to the outside world, so we strongly recommend to present yourself in a correct and representative fashion.

Academic keywords

Part of the operation was to add academic keywords to the Dutch version of the personal profile pages. Due to recent changes in the university's search engine, the English language profiles are harder to find when searching at the Dutch language website.

Because Dutch language academic keywords play a larger role now, we have added general keywords to the Dutch profile pages, like "Archeologie van Nederland" (Archaeology of the Netherlands) and "Romeinse wereld" (Roman world). These terms are especially important for journalists.

A good example of a profile page is the page of Mark Driessen (also see the Dutch page). Note the projects and book publications in the right column.

Check your profile pages

Please have a look at your profile pages (Dutch and English) and let us know if there is anything that needs to be changed, updated or removed. 

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