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LUC The Hague: AvB Updates

7 September 2018

Colour to the Walls

Last semester, a group of enthusiastic students from Beyond Arts and LUC.ID worked together on several artistic projects with the aim of bringing some colour to the walls of AvB. The first resul can already be admired on the doors of the performing arts room on floor 1. This block LUC will continue to work with them to finalize several other projects on floors 2 and 3.

New Pigeonholes

Please be informed that as of August 2018 all staff members have a new pigeonhole located at the copiers on the fourth floor of Anna van Bueren. Important to know is that the pigeonholes are numbered by office number and not by name. Next to the pigeonholes, you will find a list with names in alphabetical order (by last name) and office numbers.


In several surveys (NSE, Grand Programme Survey) students nog living at AvB indicated they would like to have a place to safely store their belongings during classes and study time. Therefore, lockers have now been installed on floor 3. Instructions on how to use the lockers can be found on the doors.

Waste Separation

Over the summer all regular waste bins at LUC have been replaced with bins for waste separation. A sign is placed on every waste bin with indications of what should and should not be put into each bin. 

Poster Guidelines

If you wish to promote activities at LUC with posters, please keep the following in mind:

  • All posters must have the date of the event or the date the poster is put up. Posters without dates will be removed
  • Posters can be put up on the floor 2 poster wall, and on the poster boards next to the elevators
  • Posters are not allowed inside elevators
  • Please DO NOT USE TAPE on walls
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