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LUC The Hague: Dies Natalis

28 September 2018

Dies Natalis Column by our Education Director Lieke Schreel

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending one of Aernout’s, our Student Life Officer, dinner parties with four of our alumni from the first cohort as well as our colleague Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who has also been with LUC from the first year, and his wife. These alumni were part of the first group of 112 students who believed in LUC before it had even started and who have been fundamental in building up our community and starting traditions. It was wonderful to see them again and you can imagine it was an evening filled with laughter, lots of catching up, and good food (cooked by them). All four have by now started their careers and it was really interesting to see the diversity in what they do: one is working in the public sector, one is working in the private sector, the third works for an NGO and the last one is pursuing a PhD. What was even more great to see was the passion they all have for their work and how all four of them are committed to making a difference in this world, either in their job or in their private lives. It was however even more wonderful to see how happy they were to see each other and how strongly connected they are; a connection that started at LUC.

In August we welcomed our ninth cohort to start at LUC: 204 excited young people from all over the world, ready to make the most of their time at our college, to study, to learn, to take part in all the activities and traditions, to start some new ones themselves. By the end of Introduction Week this group of ever so slightly anxious individuals had merged into a community that was singing, dancing and having a lot of fun at the Airband Battle (a tradition started by that very first cohort) and Karaoke with Anar and Adam (a more recent, but equally fun tradition). It was a great evening filled with laughter, music and lots of enthusiastic, if not always good, singing. It was very inspiring to see how many new connections had been made in just a few days.

Tomorrow, September 29, LUC celebrates its birthday. Eight years have flown by and in those eight years many students, faculty and staff have contributed to what LUC is today. They have made the connections with each other, with the city, in their courses, in their research, within the university, with other colleges and universities. They have made a community that by now spans the world, and which also includes the first LUC baby (congratulations Lea and Maarten!). Tomorrow we will celebrate our birthday with our students and alumni in the first ‘Inspire the Students’ event. Alumni from all over Europe are coming back to share with the current students which steps they have taken after graduating from LUC. As our current students connect to those who have gone before them, I will raise my glass to many more connections in the future.

Happy birthday LUC!

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