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Pre PhD Programme, (former Talent Programme) for students and research and teaching (O&O)staff, starts 1 January 2019

12 September 2018

Are you interested in an extra challenge during your master’s degree? By taking part on the Pre PhD Programme you can gain research experience and write a research proposal. After completing the programme you will be well prepared for a position as a PhD candidate at Leiden University or elsewhere. The programme also has a broader dimension for those who have a more general interest in academic research. 

For the master’s students, Phase 1 starts in January 2019 and the deadline for applications is 1 December 2018. Students who have successfully completed Phase 1 and O&O staff or those who are otherwise affiliated to Leiden Law School can be considered for Phase 2 which starts on 1 September 2019.  

More information about the Programme and the application procedure

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