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Work fewer hours starting five years before your AOW retirement age (Vitality Pact)

12 October 2018

The new collective labour agreement allows employees, under certain conditions, to take one or two days of special leave per week starting five years before their AOW (General Old Age Pensions Act) retirement date. You forfeit a portion of your salary, but you retain your original pension accrual. This - for the time being - temporary arrangement is known as the Vitality Pact (Vitaliteitspact).


You request special leave at least three months before the desired start date from your supervisor or mandate holder. The arrangement takes effect on 1 January 2019. As this temporary arrangement stands at the moment, you have until 30 June 2020 to start using the scheme.

If you would like to start participation on 1 January, contact your HR adviser.

More information

You can learn more about the terms and conditions of this arrangement, as well as its implications, on the Vitality Pact web page.

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