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Feedback evacuation exercise PdlC Building on Wednesday 14 november 2018

14 November 2018

The evacuation exercise went well; everyone had left the building within 15 minutes. The building check by the emergency response officers, was also completed in 15 minutes.

We would like to point your attention to the following, positive elements:  

  • Practically everybody left the building promptly without any insisting.
  • A significant amount of people left the building via the emergency exits in the 4 corners of the building.
  • The instuctions by the the colleagues of the Emergency Services were followed up; resulting in an empty square.


In future, we would like to advise you to retreat to the field behind the Rijnveste Building for your own security.


The Faculty Board and the Department of In-house Emergency Services want to thank you for your cooperation resulting in a very succesfull exercise.

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