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Institutional audit at start of 2019

12 November 2018

Every six years, the quality of the University’s education is assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NAVO). At the start of 2019, an NVAO panel will once again visit Leiden for an institutional audit.

If this assessment is positive, the University will be accredited for a further six years. This will mean that a quality culture that promotes good education will have been found to be in good working order. This will provide a basis on which to realise our ambitions, both now and in the future. And, as Leiden University, to continue to be one Europe’s leading international research universities, also for future generations. The degree programmes will then carry out a less extensive and time-consuming assessment. 

Two NVAO visits

The institutional audit consists of two visits. The first visit will take place on 22 and 23 January 2019. This is an explorative visit, and the panel will speak to delegations of lecturers and administrators as well as the Executive Board and the Board of Governors. People have already been invited to these meetings. The second visit will take place from 20 to 22 February 2019. This is an in-depth visit. Here the panel will look at how our quality assurance works in practice in a number of degree programmes. Certain topics will also be discussed in more breadth. The participants and themes of this visit have not yet been announced.

Results of the institutional audit

At our first institutional audit in 2013, we were given a positive assessment, and proceeded to set to work on the points for improvement. The main results of this include our new Vision on Teaching (Learning@LeidenUniversity) and meeting our performance agreements (extend BKO, reduce drop-out rate, improve success rate). The University’s Employability project (for students) resulted from the last institutional audit.

More information

People who are directly involved in the NVAO visit will be prepared in information sessions. For background information, see the institutional accreditation page. Please send any questions to ITK@BB.leidenuniv.nl.

Twee bezoeken NVAO

De instellingstoets bestaat uit twee bezoeken. Het eerste bezoek is op 22 en 23 januari 2019. Dit is een verkennend bezoek, waarbij het panel spreekt met delegaties van docenten, bestuurders en docenten, met het college van bestuur en de raad van toezicht. De deelnemers aan de gesprekken zijn al uitgenodigd. De tweede visitatie is van 20-22 februari 2019. Dit is een verdiepend bezoek. Dan bekijkt het panel bij een aantal opleidingen hoe de kwaliteitszorg in de praktijk werkt. Ook worden onderwerpen meer in de breedte besproken. Deelnemers en thema’s zijn nog niet bekend.

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