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Join the demonstration against funding cuts in The Hague on 14 December

27 November 2018

On 14 December, academics and students from all over the Netherlands will be demonstrating in The Hague. They want to stop the planned funding cuts in higher education. WOinActie, a national community of students and staff that defends universities and their future, has called upon the entire population of Leiden University to join in the demonstration. Leiden University supports this call and is organising transport from Leiden to The Hague.

WOinActie’s demands

WOinActie wants the government to scrap the new cuts - ‘efficiency cuts’ and ‘lump-sum cuts’ - and bring the funding per student back to the level of 2000.

Why demonstrate?

WOinActie believes that the Dutch universities are beginning to crack under the strain of ever-increasing student numbers and government funding that doesn’t reflect this growth. The workload is too high, the rooms too small and the teaching on too large a scale. In addition, lecturers’ terms of employment are often not what they should be.

More pressure needed

WOinActie has sent letters to newspapers, written reports, created petitions, given open-air lectures and provided figures. And it already attracted a lot of attention during the national week of action in September 2018 with open-air lectures at 11 universities. But that was not enough: the politicians in The Hague don’t seem particularly bothered. Time therefore to follow the example of the primary and secondary schools. Collective pressure is needed, it seems, to lend force to the demands.

Sign the petition 

Join the demonstration

Register to join the demonstration. There will be free bus transport from Leiden to The Hague and back again. Registration is open until 13 December. The demonstration is at 13.00 on 14 December at Koekamp in The Hague. Once you have registered, you will receive an email well in advance explaining when and where the buses will be departing from Leiden.


On behalf of the Leiden branch of WOinActie,

  • Remco Breuker, Professor of Korean Studies
  • Bram Ieven, lecturer in modern art and politics, and contemporary culture and globalisation.
  • Claire Weeda, lecturer in medieval history

The campaign is supported by:

  • Utrecht University
  • VU Amsterdam
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Leiden University
  • University of Groningen
  • Maastricht University
  • Tilburg University
  • Radboud University of Nijmegen
  • Federation of trade unions in the Netherlands (FNV)
  • VAWO Academic Union
  • ASVA Student Union
  • Democratische Academie Groningen
  • Changing Perspective
  • Nieuwe Universiteit Utrecht
  • Nieuwe Universiteit Maastricht
  • Dutch Student Union (LSVb)

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