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Learn about Early Roman Imperialism in Rome

12 December 2019

You have until February 1, 2020, to apply for the upcoming 6 EC MA/PhD seminar on Early Roman Imperialism at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome. The course takes place from March 18 to 27, 2020. 

This course adopts a diachronic and systemic perspective with a focus on archaeology, in order to better understand Rome’s initial expansion between the late Regal and mid-Republican period (mid 6th to 3th century BC). Through a critical reading of Rome’s material record and that of Rome’s competitors in contemporary central Tyrrhenian Italy, we will together explore the characteristics and socio-economic impact of early Roman expansion and colonisation, and evaluate different theories regarding the nature of early Roman imperialism.

You can find more information on the seminar and how to apply on the KNIR website

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