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Tolerance and access control

4 December 2018

Leiden University is a mirror of society. The discussion about Black Piet that is currently ongoing within the walls of the University is therefore not unexpected.

A core value of our University is freedom of spirit, thought and speech. Engaging in debate, regardless of the subject, is something we embrace and encourage, in line with our motto: Bastion of Freedom.

This is, of course, on the condition that, whatever the issue, this debate should be conducted in a decent and well-mannered fashion. Insults (personal or otherwise), threats, discrimination and suchlike are not tolerated. We have been made aware of signals that are not compatible with open debate.

Everyone is welcome at Leiden University: we are an open community where all those who wish to contribute to the values for which our University stands should be able to feel at home and be given equal opportunities.

We have decided to implement access control at the Wijnhaven location in The Hague on 5 December so that we can guarantee the safety of all our students and staff.

Executive Board, 4 December 2018

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