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Warning: Do not open attachments of suspicious mails

29 January 2019

The University is currently the target of a cyber attack. Staff members receive a trojan via the attachment in the mail. A trojan is a virus that makes it possible for hackers to steal confidential data, including the passwords stored in your browser(s). The email can appear as if it has been sent by a colleague, and includes an English text about an invoice and a Word file containing the virus. These email messages are actively blocked, but there is still a risk of the virus reappearing in modified forms.

PC or laptop infected?

Is your PC or laptop infected with the virus or do you suspect any infection? Follow these steps immediately:

  1. Contact the ISSC via 071 527 8888
  2. Reset your ULCN password
  3. Reset your other passwords, e.g., from your personal email account or your bank


How to protect yourself against cyber crime:

  • Do you question the authenticity of a University e-mail? Use the University website to go to the service and do not follow the email link or open an attachment.
  • Do not log in at the request of an email or telephone call.
  • Report (possible) phishing and cyber criminality at the ISSC Helpdesk (helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl).

Update 1 February

The recent virus outbreak is under control. For more information, check the helpdeskportal.

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