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OIKOS course Divinity, Commodity and the Sea in the Mediterranean World

11 January 2019

OIKOS, the national research school in classical studies, offers a course for ReMa and PhD students on the topic of religion, trade and maritime interaction in the ancient Mediterranean, set to take place between the Februari 4th and April 3rd 2019. The course is titled ‘Divinity, Commodity and the Sea in the Mediterranean World’ and will be taught by prof. Josine Blok (UU), prof. Barbara Kowalzig (NYU & visiting fellow Anchoring Innovation), and dr. Elon Heijmans (UU). 

Archaeology students and PhD’s who take an active interest in the (eastern) Mediterranean and the Ancient Near East are encouraged to join the course. Participation is open to Archon students and credits are available. Please note: registration for the course is only possible on 20 and 21 January. Enrollment goes through Utrecht University (see the course website).

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