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Virus outbreak: do not open suspicious emails

25 January 2019

Currently, the ISSC is receiving numerous calls from staff members whose computers or laptops were infected with a 'Trojan', a virus that makes it possible for hackers to steal confidential information. So far, about 80 University PC's and laptops have been infected by the virus.

What does the virus do?

The virus is distributed via e-mail. It can steal passwords, including passwords that were stored in your web browser(s).  

Have you received any suspicious e-mails? Ignore these messages and delete them from your inbox. Don't click on a link or open the attachments. If in doubt, contact the ISSC via 071 527 8888.

PC or laptop infected?

Is your PC or laptop infected with the virus or do you suspect any infection? Follow these steps immediately:

  1. Contact the ISSC via 071 527 8888
  2. Reset your ULCN password
  3. Reset your other passwords, e.g., from your 'personal' email or your bank

More information

You can find the most recent information on the virus outbreak on the helpdesk portal.

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