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Let's get digital!

5 February 2019

ICLON is looking for you: an academic staff member who is interested in developing an interdisciplinary digital guest lecture!

The digital guest lectures aim to show prospective students the versatility of science and research. The first three lectures are recorded and will be launched by the end of February.

ICLON is specifically looking for a lecturer with an interest in global citizenship/globalization who will join the development team for the digital guest lecture around or closely related to this theme. You will collaborate with a lecturer from the Faculty of Archeology, the production team from the Centre for Innovation and project management ICLON.

In total the development of the digital guest lecture will take 2,5 days of your time. The planning is structured around 5 meetings starting in March.

If you are interested in joining this initiative or have any additional questions or remarks regarding the digital guest lectures, please contact Tim Roumen before 20 February.

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