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Have your teaching portfolio evaluated for the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO)

7 March 2019

Are you a senior lecturer with a track record in the area of teaching? If so, you can apply for the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). This is a qualification for lecturers who play a leading role in the development and innovation of teaching at curriculum level, thus transcending their own area of specialisation. With the SKO, Leiden University recognises your efforts and qualities as a senior lecturer.

SKO to start in May

This year you can participate in the Teaching Qualification process at two different times: on 1 May and 1 November. If you would like to earn an SKO certificate, please contact Monique Oomes, secretary of the assessment committee (mhm.oomes@bb.leidenuniv.nl, extension 7286). You can ask her for information about the SKO process, the portfolio you need to get started and how you can sign up. 

More information about the SKO

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