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Save time making RfAs, CDAs and MTAs: use the Luris Contract Tool

30 January 2019

You can easily make your own Confidentiality Agreements (CDA) and Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) with the Luris Contract Tool. In addition to these standard intellectual property contracts, the Contract Tool can also be used to create work documents that are often a necessity for research projects: Requests for Approval (RfA) and Invention Disclosure Forms (IDF).

Saving time

The contract templates in the Contract Tool are set up in accordance with generally accepted, standard academic terms. Therefore, the contracts that you create with the Contract Tool can be sent directly to the other party, and there is no need for a Luris Legal Counsel to check or evaluate them. So making your own CDAs and MTAs with the Contract Tool saves you time.

To the Contract Tool

The Contract Tool is easily accessible via the Luris website. On the website you can find further information about the use of the Contract Tool, including a manual and demo video. In order to use the tool you have to make an account.

Create a Contract Tool account
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