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Windows 10 is coming!

8 February 2019


Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 in January 2020. This means that no security updates will be released from that moment on. Also new apps or updates of apps are less and less supported on Windows 7.

The ISSC is in the process of installing Windows 10 and Office 2016 on all university PC’s that currently operate with Windows 7. This exercise needs to be completed by January 2020 and is carried out per building. FSW is planned in the Spring and Summer of 2019. The rollout at FGW has recently been carried out and went smoothly.

Windows 10 has been put together more efficiently. This means that programmes load faster and the operating system will require less hardware.

Planning per FSW location

Einthoven Building  Starting 19 February 2019
Rijnveste  Starting 27 March 2019
PdlC Building  Starting 5 April 2019
Labs  Possibly Summer 2019
Lecture rooms and student workspaces  Summer 2019

Testing and pilot

An upgrade will need to be carried out for some applications. For applications that are only used in FSW, some FSW colleagues have been approached by ISSC with a request to test the functioning of the application with the new operating system. Many applications have already been tested and approved by the other faculties.

After the FSW-specific applications have been tested, Windows 10 will be installed with a few end-users for a small pilot in mid-March.

More information

The faculty information managers will prepare the rollout together with the ISSC implementation team. You will receive more information via e-mail, including the detailed planning that will be coordinated per room/section, and an instruction on which actions you can only carry out yourself, such as noting certain personal settings and securing local data and favourites.

  • Manuals and frequently asked questions about Windows 10 can be found on the staff website.
  • If you already have questions about the arrival of Windows 10, please contact the faculty information managers.
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