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Yannick Boswinkel's Faculty Council experience

25 February 2019

The Faculty Council is the main consultation and advisory body within the Faculty of Archaeology and plays an intermediary role between students, staff, committees and Faculty Board. It has rights of approval and advice on a variety of issues and  provides critical feedback on policies and decisions from the Faculty and University Board.

In practice this means that as a council we meet twice a month: one meeting to discuss (policy) documents, requests for advice and questions or suggestions that have come in from staff or students and a second meeting with the faculty board.

In addition to these ‘regular’ meetings occasional requests for advice come in from a variety of parties in the faculty. For example, a request for advice on the upcoming educational reforms in the BA3, the BA-track ‘Heritage and Society’ and the MA came from the head of education, and we were also requested to discuss the outcomes of the personnel monitor. On a university level, representatives of the council are involved in meetings on subjects like the ‘Kwaliteitsafspraken’ (quality agreements).

Being part of the council allows a view ‘behind the scenes’ and provides more insights into the workings of the faculty and university. Furthermore, the council is involved in a wide array of subjects like education, finances and (long-term) policies, making it a diverse and interesting committee to be part of.

The council consists of three staff members and three student members who are all elected rather than appointed. Staff members are elected for 2 years, students for 1. During the previous election only two staff members put themselves up for nomination, hence there was no official voting. The council hopes that in the upcoming election more people will nominate themselves and a proper voting can take place, creating a diverse council including people from all ranks and all departments. Do you feel that you want to be involved in where this faculty is going and are interested in how the faculty works? Consider putting yourself up for nomination!

Yannick Boswinkel

See more information on the nomination process and the dates of the election.

More information

If you want more information on the council, don’t hesitate to contact any of the current members.


  • Yannick Boswinkel,
  • Rachel Schats,
  • Tymon de Haas


  • Jan Dekker,
  • Simone Reurings,
  • Thomas van Cruchten
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