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Candidates Faculty Council Science announced - no vote for employee section

15 March 2019


On 5 and 6 March students and staff could submit as a candidate for election to the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science. For the staff section there were as many candidates as seats, for the student representatation there will be more to choose at the university elections.

Candidates staff section

For the staff section of the Faculty Council there were as many candidates as seats, which means that all candidates were directly elected in the Council. The distribution of seats is as follows:

  • Lijst LACDR/LIC
    Coen van Hasselt, LACDR
    Sander van Kasteren, LIC
    Sylvestre Bonnet, LIC
  • Lijst Harde Bèta's
    Anthony Brown, Sterrewacht
    Martina Huber, LION
  • Lijstlnterdisciplinair
    Sander Hille, MI
  • Lijst Groen Alternatief
    Klaas Vrieling, IBL


The Faculty Board congratulates the chosen employees.

Candidates student section

For the student section of the Faculty Council the electoral committee accepted the nomination of the following four lists:

  • Lijst ONS Leiden
  • Lijst Vooruitstrevende Studenten (LVS)
  • Lijst CSL
  • Lijst Liberale Studentenpartij (LSP)


A total of 48 students applied for 8 available student seats. View the list of candidates here.

Elections: only students will vote

From 8 to 11 April, the university elections will take place for the University Council and Faculty Council. The staff section of the University Council will not be chosen until 2020, since staff Council members are appointed for two years. That is why staff members of the Faculty of Science will not have to vote this year. Students from the Faculty of Science do have the opportunity to vote whis year. They can cast a vote for the student section in the University Council and for the student section in the Faculty Council.

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