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Poster competition: Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition Public Symposium

15 March 2019

Traces of memory – the 'me' between the past, present and future

A stunning poster will ensure that this symposium grabs the attention. LIBC is therefore holding a poster competition that gives you the opportunity to show off your design talent. With prize money of € 200 for the winning poster. And the winning poster will be on show everywhere.


Design a poster that illustrates the theme in a creative, simple and stunning way.

The jury

The workgroup that is organising the symposium will judge the entries on the following points:

  • focus on the theme
  • aesthetic value and quality
  • originality and creativity


There must be room on the poster for the following: Public Symposium 'Traces of memory - The "me" between the past, present and future', 11 October 2019, 10.00-17.00,  Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden (the time and place are to use on the poster, but are not yet definitive), LIBC website (libc-leiden.nl) and LIBC logo.


  • preferably a PDF file;
  • at a sufficient resolution to print the poster in A1.

Send your poster to libc@lumc.nl

For more information contact


Closing date: 27 March 2019

More information (in Dutch)
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