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Shooting in Utrecht

18 March 2019

Several people have been injured during a shooting incident in a tram near the 24 Octoberplein in Utrecht on Monday morning. The police suspect a possible terrorist motive.

At the moment, the exact motive for the incident is still unknown. Witnesses report hearing multiple gunshots. ‘A man started shooting randomly,’ according to a witness.

The perpetrator has not been apprehended yet. The police are currently looking for one suspect, but have not ruled out the possibility of multiple perpetrators.

The Dutch counter-terrorism unit NCTV has convened a crisis meeting following the shooting. In the city centre of The Hague (the so called governance zone) extra security measures have been taken, both visible as well as behind the scenes. The University’s security department is in direct contact with the crisis and conflict management unit (CCB) of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and is on high alert.

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