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Wanted: Questions for Citizen Science Project

5 March 2019

Fancy doing research together with the residents of Leiden and The Hague? If you are a researcher (or a resident of Leiden or The Hague) and have a question that we can research with the aid of citizen science, send it to us by 15 March!

We’re celebrating our 444th birthday with the residents of Leiden and The Hague, and one aspect of this is to do research together. Researchers, students and residents of the two cities can send us questions that they would like us to research. The Citizen Science Lab will review the questions that come in. It will then take the most promising questions and – working with the person who asked them – turn these into project proposals. And from all the proposed projects, we will choose to carry out at least one. This will be funded in part and facilitated by the Citizen Science Lab, and carried out by residents and researchers together.

Mail your question to cslab@strw.leidenuniv.nl by Friday 15 March 2019.

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