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Results university elections: Employee Council of Administration and Central Services

17 April 2019

The elections for the Employee Council of the Administration and Central Services took place from 8 to 11 April. A total of 133 people voted (turnout: 52%).


The results of the election:

  1. Patrick Klaassen (Information Management)
  2. Edith den Boer (Administrative Service Centre)
  3. Kirsten Dibbet (Strategic and Academic Affairs)
  4. Fons Lommerse (Financial Shared Service Centre)
  5. Arjan van Rijn (Administrative Service Centre)

The five members will be installed in September 2019. They will form the Employee Council for the next 2 years.

Turnout Employee Councils

  • 52 % Administration and Central Services
  • 59.7 % ISSC
  • 68.5 % Student and Educational Affairs

No voting was necessary for the other Employee Councils

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