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Accelerated decision in case of negative binding study advice (BSA)

14 May 2019

Starting this academic year, the Examination Appeals Board will launch a pilot. The aim is to process as many appeals submitted against negative BSAs as possible before 1 September 2019. First-year bachelor’s students receive their BSA no later than 15 August. Students who submit their appeal against a negative BSA decision within a week will receive a ruling before the start of the new academic year. On 1 September, these students will know definitively whether they may continue their studies. This also helps to quickly clarify the situation for the Board of Examiners. You can read more about this on the student website >>

What will not change

Students still have the right to lodge an appeal up to 6 weeks after the date stated on the BSA. Students who submit their appeal after one week, but within the 6-week deadline from the BSA date will not receive their decision before 1 September. It may still take 10 to 16 weeks before they know whether they are allowed to continue their study programme. In the interim, they are not allowed to enrol for the next academic year in their programme. However, they are allowed to attend lectures and take exams, but will only receive their marks and study credits if the decision goes in their favour and they are permitted to continue their studies.

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