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From Blackboard to Brightspace

7 May 2019

In September 2020, Leiden University will be officially moving to Brightspace, which replaces Blackboard. Brightspace is more user-friendly and more modern, and offers more possibilities for the future of education.

Pilots en migration
Brightspace will be gradually implemented. For the academic year 2019-2020, a number of pilot courses are already being set up in Brightspace to support education. The experiences from the pilots will be used to set up Brightspace as optimally as possible for both lecturers and students for the academic year 2020-2021. As of September 2020, we will be completely switched to Brightspace and Blackboard will only be accessible read-only.

Tailor-made support
In order to guarantee a successful transition, faculty project leaders have been appointed and faculty implementation teams (FITs) have been set up. The faculty project leader of the Faculty of Science is Bart Monsma.

Lectures and staff, who will be providing one or more courses in Brightspace by September 2019, have already received an invitation to attend a Brightspace training.

Are you going to use Brightspace per academic year 2020-2021? Than you will receive more information about support in 2020 about transferring your courses and training options.

The following faculties/units will take part in the pilot from September 2019*:

Faculty/unit    Programme/pilot subjects
  • Governance of Sustainability (MSc) with FGGA
  • Life Science and Technology (BSc, year 2)
  • Molecular Science and Technology: 17 subjects
  • Biologie: study career orientation
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Medicines Development Track
  • Honours College: Humanities Lab 101
  • Academic Language Centre
  • Biomedical Sciences: Career Orientation
  • Medicine (MSc): Medical Education
  • Pharmacy (MSc): Family and Medicine theme
  • Biomedical Sciences (BSc): Cellular Communication
  • Population Health Management: Fundamentals (Summer Course)
  • Governance of Sustainability (MSc) i.c.m. FWN
  • Centre for Professional Learning: Terrorism, Law and Security
  • BA1, Law
  • Other courses (mix BA2, BA3, Advanced Master)
  • Total: 64 courses spread over 2019-2020
Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Cultural Anthrolopology and Development Sociology
  • Honours College: cohort course
  • Pre-University Education (VO): Pedagogics
SAZ - Compulsory Matching
  • Physics (Faculty of Science)
  • Astronomy (Faculty of Science)
  • Security Studies (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs)
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Science))
  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences)
  • 5 courses in total (tba)

More information
Do you have any questions? Please contact Bart Monsma, faculty project leader, via: brightspace@science.leidenuniv.nl. Keep an eye on the website for more information.

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