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Implementation scanning via LU-card on Campus The Hague

6 May 2019

Scanning via LU-Card

Scan2Mail ensures that documents are able to be scanned and forwarded quickly, easily and effectively. At the moment, scanned documents can be sent anonymously to any employee within the Leiden University. The scanned documents cannot be registered per user.

After a successful pilot at P&O FGW, it was decided to implement scanning via LU-Card at all LU-Card printers at the various faculties. The user only needs to hold his LU-Card against the LU-Card pole and then in addition to copying & printing use the scan option. This option scans to your own ULCN address. With the previous system, a group of people could be scanned at the same time. This is therefore impossible with scanning to LU-Card. The system automatically scans your own e-mail address and from there you are able, if applicable, send the scan to one or more people.

The implementation of this new method will also contribute to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Advantages of scanning via LU-Card

Scanning via LU-Card has the following advantages:

  • It’s possible to scan quickly on every printer, without having to enter your own e-mail address;
  • Colleagues no longer receive scans due to accidental pushing on the wrong e-mail address;
  • When a scan has to be sent to another colleague, or a group of colleagues, this can be done by forwarding your scan by e-mail with an attachment;
  • It is impossible to scan anonymously from a machine, because it is always clear who has scanned it. This eliminates the risk of annoying anonymous scans.

Also, there is no risk that a scan will continue to roam around. If the scan is too large to be processed, it will be automatically deleted and will not remain in the cloud.

Implementation Campus Den Haag

The pilot at P&O FGW was experienced as positive and will be rolled out further at the various faculties. Underneath the overview of the implementation of the multifunctionals for Campus The Hague.

6 t/m 10 mei
20, 21 en 24 mei

Specially trained and hired students for answering questions

The actual addition of the scan function on the multifunctional is a process that will only take about 10 minutes. The inconvenience is therefore minimal. Subsequently, on the days that multiple printers are deployed at locations, a team of specially trained and hired students are imbedded to make sure the further rollout will run as smoothly as possible. If there are only a few printers on the roll out, one specially trained student will walk around. After the implementation of the employees’ printers, these students will still be deployed for all locations at Campus The Hague. These students are able to answer any questions and uncertainties.

Manual scanning via LU-card

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