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Scan documents easily with your LU-Card

17 May 2019

From now on it is possible to make a scan on all LU-Card printers that are logged in with the LU-Card and send it directly to yourself. This allows you to scan documents quickly and easily and documents can no longer be sent to a colleague by accident. 

Previously it was possible to send (anonymous) scans to every employee at Leiden University. This poses risks and no longer complies with stricter privacy legislation, the GDPR. The new system is GDPR-proof and scanned documents can no longer be sent to the wrong mailbox by mistake. 

How does it work?
Place your LU-Card in the holder of the log-in pole of the LU-card printer and choose 'scan your documents'. Then follow the instructions on the LU-card printer. The scan will now automatically be sent to your own e-mail address and from there you can, if necessary, forward the scan to one or more people. Instructions can also be found in the manual.

Scanning via LU-Card ensures that:

  • On every printer it is possible to scan quickly, without having to enter your own email address first;
  • No more scans that are accidentally sent to colleagues. When a scan has to be sent to a colleague, you can forward the e-mail with attachment;
  • It is not possible to scan anonymously from the LU-card printer, because it is always clear who has scanned. This eliminates the risk of annoying anonymous scans.

Note: If the scanned document is too large to be processed, it will be automatically removed and won't stuck in the 'cloud'.

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