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Transition from Blackboard to Brightspace

15 May 2019

With effect from September 2020 Leiden University will be officially moving away from Blackboard. In May 2018, following a European tender, the Brightspace digital learning environment was chosen as the successor to Blackboard. The central implementation project is currently in the phase of incorporating all the users’ technical and functional wishes in the new learning environment.

Tailor-made support

To be able to guarantee a smooth transition, in the past year faculty project leaders have been appointed and faculty implementation teams (FITs) have been put together. Each faculty now has a plan of approach tailored to its own wishes and timing. The central implementation project aims to support the faculties in carrying out the migration activities and provides extra assistance to lecturers and teaching support staff where necessary, in the form of well-trained student assistants, for example, who can guide lecturers from all faculties in the migration process. 

You determine yourself what kind of support you wish to have: from do-it-yourself to in-class or personal instruction. You can choose independent training based on comprehensive manuals or instruction videos. If you wish, you can ask for the basic manual migration (actually transferring teaching material from Blackboard to Brightspace) to be carried out for you by a student assistant.

Pilots en trainingen

The implementation team (Emre Sener) will see that you are informed about important dates relating to training courses and migration activities that are relevant to your teaching situation.

Brightspace is being introduced in phases. With effect from the 2019-2020 academic year several subjects will already be incorporated in Brightspace as pilots to support teaching activities. We will use the experiences of these subjects to ensure that Brightspace is set up as optimally as possible for lecturers and students for the following academic year.  

Lecturers and staff who are directly involved in education and who will be providing one or more courses in Brightspace from September 2019 will receive an invitation after May 2019 to follow a training course. If this applies to you, we will inform you as quickly as possible about the exact planning for the roll-out.


Brightspace will be in place as the support system for educational activities from September 2020. To ensure continuity, Blackboard will still be available at that time for access to information.

If you currently have any questions, please contact your faculty project leader or the central Brightspace Implementation project team. You can also check out the website for more information.

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